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Custom HVAC Units

In Calgary we know that the winters are tough and the summers are hot. That’s why your home’s airflow heating and ventilation systems are key for the comfort of yourself and your family. At Universal Ventilation we pride ourselves on creating immaculate Custom HVAC units for Calgary’s high-end residential builds.

Indoor Pool Ventilation

If you are an individual who has an indoor pool in your residential home you know that you are always fighting against that moisture your pool puts off. Universal Ventilation custom builds your indoor pool ventilation systems to ensure proper airflow and reduce damage from moisture to your home.

Custom Duct Builds

With the summers getting hotter and the winters getting dryer here in Calgary it is key that your residential home’s ventilation ducts are built and installed properly. Here at Universal Ventilation our job is to ensure our Quality custom Ventilation ducts are built to your design’s exact specifications so you can breathe easy throughout the years.

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